5 Star, 4 Week Shifting Hajj Tour in 2021

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Makkah: 5* Swissotel (Breakfast only, dinner £250p/p optional extra)
Madinah: 5* Shaza al Madinah (Half board)


Stay: 4 Weeks
Departing: 3 & 4 July 2021
Returning: 2 August 2021


This 5-star, 4-week Hajj Package 2021 includes:

  • Flights from the UK
  • Hajj 2021 Visa
  • Full ground transport in Saudi between Jeddah, Makkah & Madinah, provisioned by the Hajj Ministry
  • Standard accommodation in Aziziyah with 5-6 people sharing with full-board
  • All rooms are en-suite
  • Bed and breakfast included in both Makkah.
  • Help and guidance throughout your Hajj Package 2021 journey
  • Hotels are within a short walking distance to the Haraam
  • European tents in Mina, with sofa, bed, pillows, blanket, with full board
  • Lunch only in Arafat
  • Ziarats in Madinah
Cost of an adult (per person) based on four people sharing:
Cost of an adult (per person) based on three people sharing:
Cost of an adult (per person) based on two people sharing:


Your four-week Shifting Hajj itinerary (if departure is on 3 July 2021) is as follows:



3/07/2021 - Meet at the Airport

Meet and assist at the airport for departure to Jeddah Airport. For your benefit, there will be ground staff to help and guide you with any queries throughout the journey until you return back to the United Kingdom.

When we arrive in Jeddah, we will have to get through immigration, which may take up to 6 hours.

After clearing immigration, we'll go to Makkah and check-in to your 5-star hotel.



4/07/2021 - Rest in Makkah

You are free to spend the rest of your day focusing on your prayers and ibadah.



13/07/2021 - Aziziyah

Today we will check-out from your hotel in Makkah and travel to Aziziyah. We will stay here until day 14.



17/07/2021 - Mina

We will leave Aziziyah and go to Mina where we will stay during the main hajj rites.



18/07/2021 - Enjoy Mina

You will have a day to enjoy the atmosphere in Mina. There will be many lectures here for you to participate.



19/07/2021 - Go to Mount Arafah

After Fajr, we will go to Mount Arafah and will remain here until Maghreb. After Maghreb we will go to Muzdalifah where we will stay until Fajr.



20/07/2021 - Leave Muzdalifah

We will leave Muzdalifah and return to Mina. We will then go to Jamarat for stoning. Once complete, we will return to Makkah to perform Tawaf.

After performing tawaf, we will go to Aziziyah for news of Qurbani. We will release our ihram.

Finally, we will leave Aziziyah and return to Mina.



21/07/2021 - A second day for stoning

We will have a second day of stoning at Jamarat. Once complete, we can return to Mina where we will spend the rest of the day.



22/07/2021 - A third day of stoning

After a third day stoning at Jamarat, we will return to Aziziyah. You have an option to remain in Mina for another night if you wish to do a fourth day of stoning.



23/07/2021 - Rest in Aziziyah

You will be free to rest in Aziziyah today.



24/07/2021 - Go to Madinah

We will make our way to Madinah. The journey can take up to 10 hours inclusive of rest stops. Once we arrive, we will check-in to your five-star hotel.

We will stay here until day 27.



1/08/2021 - Jeddah Airport

Today is our last day in Madinah. We will check-out of your hotel and go to Jeddah Airport to return to the UK.



2/08/2021 - Return to the UK

We will catch our flight and return to Heathrow Airport.

Please note:

All packages are subject to availability and subject to:

  • Airline schedules
  • Visa requirements
  • Hotels have no specific views
  • You arranging travel insurance for all parties
  • Islamic Moon sightings, which may alter Islamic dates.

Please be aware that hotel check-in times are after 6pm, and check-out times are before 1pm.

Changes can occur without prior notice, but should they, we shall endeavour to give you as much notice as possible.

Full terms and conditions apply.


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